"A study from 2017 reveals that 80% of respondents do not suspect a connection between healthy teeth and their overall well-being, but oral health plays an extremely important role in general health." [Quote from: https://www.presseportal.de/pm/126017/3868106]

The interview with dentist dr. Ralf Seltmann (published on 15.02.18 in the press portal) again shows the links between periodontitis and general health. In addition, the reader gets tips to counteract inflammation of the periodontium. (Article in German)

"An improved understanding of the etiology of periodontitis can contribute to improved prevention and thus improved periodontal health of the population [Tonetti et al., 2017a; Jepsen et al., 2017]."

The article by Soren Jepsen, Henrik Dommisch, Moritz Kebschull (published on 16.01.18 in the zm online) presents the latest findings on etiopathogenesis of periodontitis and its risk factors. (Article in German)





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