The iai PadoTest - Optimal treatment safety based on germ marker analysis.

Inflammation of the periodontal tissue and progressive bone loss are consequences of infection by periodontopathogenic marker germs. For targeted and successful periodontal treatment, the elimination or significant reduction of these germ markers is of central importance.

Since the composition of the subgingival flora varies greatly according to the individual, targeted treatment is only possible based on analysis of the germ spectrum. Only this knowledge enables the planning of an optimal and individual treatment strategy with minimal use of antibiotics.

It is particularly important for every dentist to understand each patient's treatment requirements. A laboratory test that corroborates or confirms previous clinical findings makes it clear to all patients just how important the treatment of periodontitis or peri-implantitis is.


  • Germ identification
  • Paro-status documentation
  • High level of patient motivation and consent to treatment
  • Targeted and individualised treatment (for example with special antibiotics)
  • Fast treatment success
  • Minimisation of health risks, minimisation of antibiotic use
  • Simple monitoring

The iai PadoTest is therefore an important tool in implantology for the early diagnosis and targeted prevention of peri-implantitis.

Billing of the analysis and associated sampling or consultation takes place as a private service by the dentist for the patient.

The costs for the analysis itself can be found in our info sheet with price list in the download area: To downloads

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