The Institut of Applied Immunology IAI AG was founded in 1986 in Horgen. At the beginning, the main focus was on serum production.

With the takeover of the management by the biologist Dr. Hermann Wolf in 1993, emphasis shifted to molecular biology and a specialisation in dental topics.
Products such as genotyping and various biodiversity studies formed the basis for successful company development at IAI AG. Based on this, the first microbiological detection method for periodontitis diagnostics, the iai PadoTest 4·5 was developed and introduced to the market with great interest. The iai PadoTest 4·5 quickly became the Institute of Applied Immunology’s leading product and is the longest established diagnostic tool on the market for the detection of periodontitis markers.

In addition to the development of new diagnostic procedures, the IAI works with universities from Switzerland and Germany as well as numerous scientific research institutions. Integration of the latest technologies (for example, Next Generation Sequencing) into competitive products plays a central role in research and development.

In addition, via several collaborations, the IAI is involved in ongoing studies that aim to improve and further develop existing products.

Since 2005, the headquarters of the IAI have been located in Zuchwil/SO.

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